How to Get Popular on TikTok: A Complete Guide

TikTok is one of the most trending, short-form video apps around the globe. It has engaged millions of young people with its fun and interesting features that let people enter a world of acting, dancing, lip-syncing, and much more. This app has served as a great platform for people who tend to enjoy acting and might have wanted a break into it. Through it, many users have gained unimaginable fame in a very short time. The increasing number of views on their videos has turned them into influencers. People look up to them for tips, tricks, entertainment, social activities, etc. There is a lot more to know about this app, and we have tried to confine that all in this article. It will give you all the information about TikTok and will disclose a very practical and effective way of increasing your TikTok video views.

History of TikTok

It all started with another social media platform named This platform allowed users to create and share lip-sync videos. had a narrow scope because it only focused on music lip-sync. Despite that, it became quite popular and gained over a million users.

For many users, it became the path of fame based on their viewers’ preferred content. It spread like wildfire because of its media-sharing feature plus the filter effects it offered. They kept being a leading platform in the category until it was taken over by a Chinese company named ByteDance in 2018. ByteDance itself was an internet technology company with its core product being a content platform. The company combined with one of its own video-sharing platforms and launched them as one application under the name of TikTok.

The launching of this app brought wider scope for the users, and all of the accounts, along with their content, were automatically transferred to TikTok.

Difference between and TikTok was just a start-up that could have explored farther heights. Despite that, it made a good market within its short tenure. It mainly focused on music videos rather than dialogues or acting. It offered a plethora of songs that could be recorded and shared. The app was user friendly, and its interface was quite similar to that of Instagram.

Combining the two applications to form TikTok gave it a wider scope. It offered music, dialogues, acts, dance, and a lot more. This contributed to the skyrocketed fame of the new app. Moreover, it also offers better filters and effects. Since TikTok is still an active app, it has also been developing timely. The app has also introduced a reaction feature that allows you to record and share your reactions on other videos.

TikTok has a time tracker that alerts users when they spend more than two hours on the application. This is to ensure the digital well-being of the users.

Gaining Popularity

TikTok has been on the popularity track since day one. Millions of users were already transferred to it from, and the new features helped it earn the rest. People found it a great source of fun and entertainment, which made it one of the most downloaded apps from the App Store in 2018. It surpassed YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook, with over a billion downloads. Most of its users were US-based, as over 80 million downloads were from the US.

Celebrity endorsement has further added to the increasing number of downloads. Many celebrities are active TikTok users like Jimmy Fallon, Selena Gomez, Will Smith, and many others.

Many celebrities, including Jimmy Fallon, are in paid partnership with the app. Jimmy Fallon started using the app out of sheer interest, but the developer later turned him into a paid partner. He initiated several trends like the tumbleweed challenge, which required viewers to record videos of themselves becoming a tumbleweed and rolling on the floor. The challenge took almost no time to get viral, and there were over 8000 entries submitted for it.

The app also gained fame among the celebrities of other countries around the world, including Kinoshita Yukina from Japan, Kaykai Salaider from Thailand, and Aashika Bhatia from India. This greatly contributed to the geographical expansion of the application. The app collaborates with celebrities, influencers, and other famous accounts on the app to create and spread the exciting and fun content. These people play a significant role in increasing the number of users as they can quite easily drive their followers to the app.

Moreover, the app occasionally designs and run challenges on local as well as global levels. This intrigues the youthful and fun-loving part of the people who desire to do new and challenging things. The rewards or tags that the winners of these challenges get also motivate the people to use the app.

What Can You Do On TikTok?

TikTok is an amazing app that brings out a different kind of creativity in its users. The interesting part about the app is that it is not only an entertainment site. It can turn out to be very productive. Have a look at the things you can do using the app.

1. Have Fun

The app is a great source of fun and entertainment for a lot of people. It lets you record funny and dramatic videos that can lighten up your mood. They are a great way to rejuvenate yourself and have a good time. Sharing it with friends and followers makes it even more fun.

2. Socialize

Even if you do not post a lot of videos, you can always socialize by liking and commenting on others’ content. It is a way to share positivity by appreciating others and leaving good comments on their posts. By linking your other social media accounts to your profile, you let people easily find you on those platforms.

3. Polish Your Skills

With this app, you can polish your acting and dancing skills. You can practice saying dialogues and get views about what others think about it. This can help you improve. Since TikTok is a quite well-known video-making platform, it can help companies find people for their video campaigns. There might be a lot of different opportunities that you can avail through this platform.

4. Get a Job

The application can also be a good place for job search. It has connected many people, which has enabled it to flood its ‘career’ tab with job opportunities. These opportunities are offered in a range of categories, including operations, sales, marketing, designing, etc. Plus, these career opportunities are not only for any specific location; instead, they are also for various countries and cities.

5. Become Famous

A lot of people have come up with some amazing content on the application. They have also gained a lot of appreciation and fame. People follow them like they are some celebrities. Many such users only do it for a little fame and might not want to take it much farther. So it’s a good platform for people who are looking for a little fan base.

6. Challenges      

You can participate in challenges initiated on the app for a chance of winning rewards. The challenges usually have a proper voting system or judges to decide the winner. The ‘1 million audition’ was a contest started by TikTok across various countries. In the contest, each participant was given a theme to generate video content. The initiators awarded the best video content. This encouraged a lot of people to participate.

How to Use TikTok?

Using TikTok can be pretty difficult and confusing for people who are new to such a social media platform. It is always nice to have a complete step-by-step guide for such people. Therefore, we’ll discuss all the steps from setting up a TikTok account to posting your first video.

Step 1: Download the App

If you are downloading the app on your mobile, go to your Google Play or App Store and download the application. Interesting thing! You can also download the app on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Set up an Account

As soon as you have installed the app, set up an account on it before starting to use it. There are no long forms to fill; instead, it only asks you for two things, username and password. You can choose a unique username by which you’d like to be recognized. It also provides you with the option to sign up through your Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. It can make the process even more convenient. You can start using the app once you have created your account.

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

As soon as you have logged in, you’ll be directed to your activity feed. The first thing you have to do is tap the last icon on the lower right of the app screen. The icon looks like a person’s outline. It enables you to edit and overview your profile.

Once you are there, spot and tap the ‘Edit Profile’ then choose a profile picture for your account. You’ll also see a section of bio, that’s where you have to write something about yourself. You can write your name, age, or anything you want people to see when they visit your profile. If you want to link your other social sites like your Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube accounts, you can add their links in this section too. It will enable your followers to find you on those platforms too easily.

If you want to set a business account, you can write a little about your product or service so the people can know if they have come to the right place or not.

Step 4: Visit Your Video Feed

If you want to have a good social circle on the app, which by the way, is very important for gaining views, you have to visit your video feed and view what others have shared. At this moment, you would not have any followers, so the app would automatically display random videos from various famous accounts. However, when you have your own list of accounts that you follow, the app will show you based on your interest. This will personalize your feed and keep you updated on the accounts you follow.

Step 5: Socialize With Your Followers

It is important to show love and appreciation for other’s content to get it back with the same energy. To like a video, you can tap on the small heart with the post. The speech bubble is to comment on the post, and below the comment sign is the sharing option. You’ll find all these options on the right side of the post.

Step 6: Search or Scan

You can search for other accounts by clicking on the magnifying glass button. If you know an account that you want to add, you can search them through their username or TikCode. The code directly takes you to the desired profile without having to scan through the search results. It is very helpful for brands, especially.

You can also have your own TikCode. Open your profile tab and tap the four squares on the top right, and there you have it!

Step 7: Record and Post

Once you are done with setting up your account and have added some followers, you’ll have to get down to the main task: recording and posting content.

To start recording, tap on the icon in the center of the app screen. When the camera opens, you get some icons on your screen. One of them allows you to flip your camera to either front or back. The others include speed, beauty, filters, timer, and flash. They let you enhance your recording. You can also add music using the ‘add a sound’ tab.

Use these features to make your videos fun and entertaining. They allow you to choose between dramatically slow to super-fast videos. The filters are very colorful, fun, and funky. If you want to record a business video, you can choose from the most trending content that is closed to your business. To gain more viewers, it is important to create something of user preference. This can take your business to new heights.

Earning Through TikTok

No matter how dedicated you are, sitting on an uncomfortable chair 9-5 and doing the same thing, again and again, can be boring at times. Not only that, but you also have to deal with your boss and dozens of other annoying stuff. For many people, getting a job itself gets near to impossible due to limited opportunities and increasing competition. If you are in any such condition or if you want to make a little money probably as a side-earning, then you can consider turning to TikTok. In this, you’ll be able to earn a little in an exciting way instead of a boring job.

Not only individuals but also businesses can benefit from TikTok. It allows them to find super inexpensive promoters for their products. It also enables them to share their business story through videos and direct people to their website or other accounts. This allows the app to serve as a marketing platform. Let’s have a look at a step-by-step guide to avail of these benefits for both businesses and individuals.

Step 1: Be Creative

The first and most important thing is to be creative because to gain more followers, you have to bring unique content. You have to start by making a unique profile with an attractive profile picture and bio. If you are a business account, your bio must give a reason for people to check out your profile.

Step 2: Research and Analyze

Now, this might sound a little scientific, but it isn’t. All you have to do is search what people are more interested in these days and analyze what new content you can bring for them. Different and unique content is always catchy, but it doesn’t have to be weird, embarrassing, or dangerous in any way for anyone.

In the case of a business account, you need to create a hybrid of trending content and your business concept. Make sure to come up with something that can create awareness about your product or service in an engaging way.

Step 3: Link Your Account

Do not overlook this step because linking your account is very important. You will find this option in the ‘Edit Profile’ tab where you can link your Instagram as well as YouTube accounts. Doing this will help you reach more views or create a crossover audience. This will help you generate organic traffic to your other accounts. This is very helpful for small businesses that do not have websites or a well-versed marketing team as it highlights your business among a larger audience.

Step 4: Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very useful tools. Like many other websites, you can also add them to your videos on TikTok. They make it easy to find your post and also display your post when a user randomly searches them. Due to that, it is recommended to use common hashtags that can increase your post’s visibility.

Step 5: Reviews and Promotions

If you are a personal account, gaining enough followers can attract businesses for their promotions. Random individuals with a decent amount of followers are a cheap source of business promotion than celebrities who charge a lot of money. Such influencers can easily draw the local audience to your website.

Step 6: Business Advertisement

As the name suggests, this step is for business accounts. Like YouTube, TikTok also offers business account to run advertisements. They are hardly 15 seconds long and can be skipped after a few seconds. Brands can also run campaigns with certain hashtags that motivate people to copy actions and promote the campaign. This is another great way to generate organic traffic.

What Are TikTok Video Views? 

When talking about TikTok, it all comes down to likes and views. Views are the number of people who watch the video. The more likes and views your videos get, the more famous your account becomes. As discussed earlier, popular accounts are more likely to monetize their content in different ways. They can get sponsorships, promotion offers, product review tasks, etc.  You can say that Tiktok works in a similar way as YouTube (except that unlike YouTube, you can’t monetize your videos using ads).

How to Get More TikTok Views?

If you are a TikToker, struggling for more likes or views on your videos, we have found some steps that you can follow. These points have been gathered from people who have over a million followers and hardly ever had to struggle with likes.

1. Be Presentable

A lot of people might disagree with this, but it still is a bitter fact. The more presentable you look, the more attractive your videos become to the audience. It does not mean that you have to go to the salon or have a two-hour make up session before recording your videos. But what it means is that you should be clean and presentable. Your videos should reflect your personality, and obviously, you would not want to leave a bad impression on your audience. Since people get inspirations from TikTok videos, your dress sense and appearance can attract the audience to your profile.

2. Choose Your Theme

Accounts on TikTok are usually divided based on categories like comedy, science, fashion, bloggers, challenges, etc. Each account holder chooses a theme of his interest and passion. You can also choose a theme so your audience can know what kind of videos they’ll be seeing on your profile. You can switch themes or combine two like comedy and emotional into one account.

3. Be Unique 

Your audience does not want to see the same content on repeat. They might get bored after a few similar videos. So to keep your audience engaged, you must come up with some new content from time to time. You can keep up with the trends or might come up with your own unique styles and contents. It does not always have to be fun. It can also be informative, motivational, emotional, or anything that you can think of. Just make sure you’re not offensive or disrespectful to anyone particular or general. Maintaining peace is important.

4. Collaborations

You can collaborate with video makers that make similar videos like yours. Collaborations are useful for both parties. They increase the chances of getting more likes and views, since both the video makers would be sharing the video on their profiles. Moreover, when two people working on the same niche join hands, they usually come up with some awesome content, which generates a wider fan base. These are very beneficial for new users. They can collaborate with famous video makers and boost their likes.

5. Hashtags

Make sure to use hashtags on your videos. Hashtags increase your visibility and make it easy to search for your content.

6. Story-Telling

Short stories are always interesting. They are a good way of sharing your message. You can share informative, funny, or emotional short stories that can be of interest to your audience. For this, you have to be concise and prepared.

7. The ‘For You’ Page

This section shows random videos based on your preferences. If you post trending content quite frequently, you can automatically be displayed on that page and get advertised for zero dollars.

8. The Sound Effect

Soundless videos are less attractive and can even be boring for some people. To spice up your videos, choose a good soundtrack or audio effects. They leave an impression on the viewers. Good quality sound effects make your videos more interesting. If you plan to record conversations or dialogues, make sure to keep the microphones in the right position.

9. Location

Try to choose an appropriate location for recording the video based on your video content. Outdoor videos can be more fun and intriguing. The reactions that you might record during the video can make it more real, interesting, and fun to watch. This inevitably boosts your video views. You can create indoor themes by using colorful LED lights or fairytale lights.

10. Participate in Challenges

Participating in challenges and doing your best to submit a price-worthy entry can turn the tables. You have to prepare well and follow the instructions, along with some of the tips mentioned above. One thing that you should not miss out at any cost is the hashtag. Always use challenge-related trending hashtags with your entries.

Buy TikTok Video Views

All the methods mentioned in the previous section can boost your video views one way or the other. However, if you are looking for something more promising, then you can opt for the video views packages. There are several service providers with long-term experiences and positive customer reviews. They sell several video views packages online at very affordable rates. Some common features of these packages include the following:

1. Price

These service packages start from $1 and increase to a maximum of $10. They are made to be super affordable so you can achieve your desired views in a little amount. Since the investment is not massive, you can consider it. Their low price does not affect their legality or effectiveness.

2. Customer Service

Most packages offer 24/7 customer service to their buyers. This enables you to stay in touch with them for consultation and for situations where you might not get desired results, which is quite unlikely to happen.

3. Guarantee

Most service providers offer various types of guarantees. One may offer a lifetime refill guarantee while another might guarantee that the number of purchased followers will not go down. You will also find a 100% money-back guarantee. Each package is unique from one another.

4. Type of Users

Guaranteed service providers provide active users and refrain from directing fake accounts to their buyer’s profile. This ensures organic traffic on your videos that result in further traffic. They are real people who are guided to specific videos based on their preferences.

5. No Account Access

Some service providers usually ask for your account access, but many do not. The ones that do not ask for it are secure and reliable. It can be risky to hand your account access to just anyone. So make sure you don’t get yourself trapped by anyone like that.

6. Type of Service

This varies from package to package. Some service providers might only provide views and no likes or comments, while others may assure comments and likes too. The prices of the plans also vary based on these. You must check that before booking an order.

7. Extras

You’ll find this section at the end of a number of bids. Some service providers offer some extra services, for example, quick delivery, an additional number of followers, views or like, etc. You order these extras along with the main package if you have the budget and requirement for them. It is like ordering a meal. You can make a combo and get better results. If you get one package for likes and another for comment, it will help you get both during the same time, and you’ll not have to wait for their results separately. 

Moreover, if you think the extras section has something better for you, then you can go for it instead of a completely new package.


TikTok is a great source of entertainment as well as business promotions. It has made a good market, and it continues to do so. There are great innovations like exciting filters and challenges that the app has initiated and plans to keep doing such things along with more fresh content.

The use of this app depends upon you, whether you want to use it for fun or business. It serves both the purpose quite well. However, to achieve your desired position on the app, you have to increase your views. For views, you can follow some steps on your end and purchase a service for guaranteed results.

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