18 Tips to Tremendously Increase Your Website Traffic

Countless websites emerge every week at a rate that is higher now than it was ever before, in fact, it is only going to flare up. No wonder you are suffering from low website traffic at first; the internet is overflooded with online platforms trying to allure viewers for their benefit.

You might ponder upon a general thought that by adding more content to your website would simply be enough to shoot up the traffic. It would have been enough a decade ago. But at present due to intense competition, you just can’t fixate on this general idea.

It would require a significant amount of elbow grease to get the first 100 visitors on your website. To keep yourself motivated just remember that every successful website suffers the same fate initially. But once the traffic starts flooding in then there will be nothing to stop it if you maintain your content well.

Here we have compiled every piece of useful and relatable information that you might need to get as much traffic as you want for your online set-up. By the end of this article, you would know how your website can stand out in the immense online crowd.

What is Website Traffic?

It simply means how many individual visitors your website gets in a month. It is measured in “sessions” or “visits” and this traffic defines how well your website is doing up on the internet. In website traffic, everything from how long the visitor has stayed to how many pages are visited counts.

Some companies offer a scheme of fake website traffic in exchange for payment. Do not divulge in such acts otherwise, you would end up devastating the reputation of your website on google.

Opposite to these scammers, some companies offer genuine advertisement campaigns to help you out without messing up your reputation. Therefore, research well before you choose to buy website traffic.

How to Get More Website Traffic? — Easy Tips

If no one visits your online platform then there is no point in having it. Our below-mentioned tips will be everything you need to know to rapidly grow your website traffic. 

1)     Put High-Quality Content Only

It would not be wrong to state that high-quality content is the lifeblood of your website. However, “quality” is strictly a subject term. So, what does it actually mean by “high-quality”? Let’s find out.

The combination of graphical, written, audio and video information is collectively called the content of that website. It is the core of your platform that attracts the crowd. It could be related to any service, data, products, information that you or your company is offering. It will be considered high-quality only if it is unique, valuable, relatable and helpful for the audience.

People will not visit your site ever again if your content is not what they expected or needed. They will only share or revisit your information only if they find it valuable.

That being said, here are a few traits of high-quality content:

  • It is accurate.
  • It answers the reader’s questions.
  • It is inspiring.
  • It is informative.
  • It is relatable.
  • It solves problems.
  • It is educational.
  • It is visually impressive.
  • It is original.
  • It is shareable.
  • It is readable.
  • It is engaging.

2)     First, Do Keyword Research

Not researching the keyword beforehand is easily the most common mistake people make. Understanding of the keyword and the relatable information to that niche is crucial in generating high-quality content.

Keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner is a great way of having an insight of your primary keyword. You can also go for Google’s auto-suggestion tool to dig out the best one with high volume.

Furthermore, keep an eye on your rivals by keeping checking their top-ranking keywords. It wouldn’t’ hurt anybody if you used the same in your content. Once you have decided which keyword to proceed with, you should generate unique and detailed content relating to that niche.

3)     Get Some Assistance from Social Bookmarking Websites

There is no best platform to attract some instant traffic than a social bookmarking website. But for this to work, your content should be good enough. If it is interesting then there is a chance that you can even get thousands of hits per day.

Sharing your articles on these sites helps you to reach a diverse audience which means that it raises your chance to find people who were looking for what you are offering.

Here we have enlisted top social bookmarking website that you can find:

  1. Pinterest: With a crowd of 70 million people, Pinterest can be one of the most effective ways to increase your website popularity. As per statistics, most people who use it are women. If you have content relating to females then this platform would be the best choice.
  2. Twitter: It goes without saying how twitter has conquered our digital world. It gives you the flexibility to post images, share content and lets you bookmark them.
  3. StumbleUpon: Another emerging social bookmarking website that allows you to share your content with the world. It has an additional toolbar that makes bookmarking, sharing and searching much easier.
  4. Pocket: The website has a unique and user-friendly design that helps 22 million users to find your content faster.
  5. Digg: People say Digg’s pretty additive and if we look at the user-friendly design, we understand where the compliments are coming from. It would surely help you to reach out to customers quickly and compel them to cling to your website.
  6. Reddit: Thousands of companies are using this platform to promote the face of their business. Even for beginners, it provides a great environment to increase website traffic. Scoop.it: It might not have the biggest crowd but it certainly proves valuable in getting traffic for professional business content.
  7. We Heart It: It has a huge crowd of 45 million people making it one of the most effective sites on the list. Initially, the site only allowed images, videos, and GIFs but the latest upgrade allow you to put any type of content up there.
  8. Slashdot: Not many people know about this but Slashdot is a great platform to share news and articles. Therefore, it is worth checking out.

4)     Get Rid of Outdated Blog Posts

Outdated content impedes website traffic and you can help increase the quality of your website by removing it. If you do not want your effort to go down the drain then you should update that old content. Before that, you need to filter out the content that has brought no traffic for your website in a long time.

Finding out better backlinks and keywords should be your goal. Replace the old content with a more profitable one to help improve your old blog posts. You don’t need to completely change the old version, just merging it with more relatable information would be good enough.

One of the biggest problems with the outdated material is the broken links which can destroy the SEO of your website. Make sure that you filter out the broken links and replace them with the ones that work.

5)     Use SEMrush

You would fall behind in the race of website traffic if you haven’t analyzed your competitors thoroughly. To do that, SEMrush is a great tool for tracking profitable keywords, comparative analysis of the effectiveness of those keywords, and tracking past, current and predictive rankings.

Whether you are a personal blogger, a professional business owner, or even a marketing company, you will find this software useful in creating a more effective content marketing strategy. You would be able to point out better advertising opportunities and find out keywords that can generate the most traffic.

6)     Start Using Quora

Anyone who has ever searched a question on google knows about Quora. As the world’s best Q&A platform it helps millions of people to get the answers to their questions. If your content solves a particular problem then you should reach out to people on Quora who are looking for those solutions.

Make sure your content addresses the problem better than any other solution there. This way, people will be compelled to share your link and that would generate enough traffic for your website.

One more element that you should keep in mind is choosing the right question. It means the question should have enough views, say 1000 views per week, to help you get traffic.

Here are a few tips to use Quora to help gain traffic:

  • For beginners, it is always suitable to go for broader topics at first. After getting the hang of it, you can go for more specific questions.
  • Keep a track of other popular users and try to make a good relationship with them.
  • To get more upvotes, make sure you answer a few questions daily. The answers should be detailed and easy to understand for the reader.
  • After using relevant information from your website, give a backlink in every answer.

7)     Never Forget YouTube

The only search engine platform that can rival Google head-on is YouTube. It receives more than three billion searches monthly which are a huge number. So, it would be foolish to ignore this platform to enhance your online popularity.

To boost traffic, you would need to start a YouTube channel first. It might sound tedious but once it starts working, it will be worth it.

While uploading videos to your channel, make sure you are using the same primary keywords that you used in your content. Don’t forget about using them in the meta description, tags, and title. This way, your content would be easily searchable for the audience.

There is no solid formula to generate engaging YouTube videos. It all depends upon the crowd you are accosting.

For instance, if your video is about providing a solution for a simple household problem then the video should be small and helpful. While the videos related to reviews are comparatively longer. But statistics have shown that people largely prefer shorter and more informative videos than longer and dragging ones. Finally, to direct traffic from YouTube towards your online platform, you would need annotations.

8)     Write Guest Posts

Rather than writing for other websites, many people prefer to invest that time for their own. What they don’t realize is that neither their time nor their effort will go in vain by writing guest posts. It would be just like an investment to increase your online foot-print.

Before writing the post, you’ve to find a credible platform to work with. The one that has a huge online audience and receives a good deal of traffic every week. The blogger should also be relevant to your content otherwise you will simply be expanding your energy for nothing.

One more element that you should research first before choosing the blogger is the posting frequency. If the blogger posts one or just two posts a month then you can safely assume that the audience of that site is not consistent. Find out the one that has huge traffic on a daily basis so that you can divert some of them to your website.

If you are still confused then here are few tips to generate a good-enough guest post:

  • The topic of the guest post should be closely related to your content and to that website.
  • You have to impress the new audience with your unique writing style.
  • Most of the online content does not get read in its entirety. Make sure your content compels the readers to stay on the post.
  • The opening lines of your article (the introduction) should be engaging enough to trap the readers. It should clearly state the general problem and the possible solution you are providing in the text.
  • The headline of your post plays a vital role in attracting the audience. The title should be interesting enough to hook your audience.
  • Use natural backlinks to divert the crowd back to your website.  

9)     Use Discussion Forums

Thousands of people reach out to discussion forums in the hope to get tips and solutions for their problems. By smartly utilizing the popularity of these forums, you can greatly boost your online marketing platform.

First, you have to scout out a popular forum regarding your website theme. It should have a prominent online footprint along with active members.

After choosing the forum, the next step is to set up a profile that reflects your services or the content of your website. The profile shouldn’t be murky or your clients won’t feel like reaching you. Put up a friendly profile picture, write a clear bio and select a professional username to create an effective presence on the discussion forum.

Finally, to lure traffic, you would need a signature that will appear on every answer you send out.

If you’ve successfully organized and composed your profile then you are ready to start replying to threads. Browse and find out the questions that can be best answered by your content. Make sure to add an introduction and a general solution to the problem before giving the link back to your website.

Replying to old threads might not be enough to lure enough people due to the overcrowded discussion section. Rather than relying on older threads, you can always start new ones which will keep your answer prominently at the top.

Additionally, here are few more tips to successfully utilize a discussion forum for your website traffic:

  • Only by being an active member, you can rank your forum on the page.
  • You have to produce fresh content at least. 4-5 times a week.
  • Try to give out straightforward and to the point answers.
  • On these platforms, facing discouraging and arrogant individuals is quite common. But always remain calm and positive to maintain your reputation.
  • Always keep it in mind that you are there to help people not just to promote your content. This way, you’d stay motivated and the process will become fun for you.

Down below we have enlisted discussion forums with high that have widespread popularity:

  • Joomla Forum
  • Mysql Forum
  • V7nForum
  • CNET Forum
  • Site Point Forum
  • Digital point Forum
  • File Sharing Forum
  • Warrior forum
  • Deviantart
  • MyGameBuilder Forum
  • Geek Village Forum
  • PhpBB Forum
  • GardenWeb
  • Web-hosting Forum
  • Antionline
  • FileZilla Forum
  • What is my IP
  • XDA developer’s forum
  • Ubuntu forums
  • Chronicle Forum
  • Audacity forum
  • Windows Forum
  • Chef talk forum
  • SEO chat forum
  • Business Advice Forum
  • Miui Android Forum
  • IDPF

10)  Blog Commenting

All the myths about blog commenting being the smartest traffic strategy are true. It helps you to share some of the traffic of successful bloggers and establish a relationship with them. Doesn’t it sound convenient? 

When you comment on every fresh post, the blogger will eventually take notice of you and start reaching back. For this to work, your comments should be informative, unique and meaningful; otherwise, you’d become one of those commentators whom everybody overlooks.

To get recognizable attention you need to be one of the top commentators every time the blogger posts something. Furthermore, your answer should not just praise the post but also adds value to it. For instance, by adding missing information or pointing out a mistake would be enough to divert people’s attention to your comment.

11)  Blogger Outreach

It simply means getting in contact with bloggers who need your help and getting theirs later. Here are a few steps that you should follow to successfully reach out bloggers for a gainful traffic outcome:

  • Step 1: Create a list of popular bloggers related to your content. You can use a directory of blogs such as AllTop or go for tools like Ninja outreach to find them out.
  • Step 2: Filter out the ones who have shared their contact information.
  • Step 3: Don’t just ask their help out of the blue. First try to build good relationships with them by following them on social media platforms, leaving feedback, blog commenting and offering your help.
  • Step 4: After you have an eminent relationship, reach out to the blogger directly with a professional email. Don’t just beg for help but ask the blogger to collaborate with you. These things require patience and the use of correct words. So, always be humble and don’t rush things.

12)  Repurposing Your Blog Content

To get the best out of your blog content, repurposing it is one of many options. But what is it? It is about transforming your existing content into various mediums to reach out to a diverse audience. Here’s how you do it:

Transform the content into PDF: There are hundreds of PDF directories where you can upload your content in PDF form for free. Moreover, you can add backlinks in the document to help potential visitors reach back to your website.

Transform the content into videos: You can convert your content that can be better explained visually into videos and share backlinks in the descriptions to increase the traffic. In addition to YouTube, there are several other platforms as well that can help you out.

Transform the content into infographics: In this way, you can reach out to your audience effectively with little effort. There are softwares available online that lets you convert your content into high-quality infographics for free.

Transform the content into podcasts: They are becoming more popular as time elapses because of how they fit into people’s busy lifestyles. Podcasts are a more convenient way to spread information to your audience. For instance, when you are driving or cooking, you can’t read an article thoroughly but you can always listen to an interesting and informative podcast.

Generate an FAQ page using your client’s questions: When we don’t have time to go through a huge article, we tend to move towards the FAQ section for quick answers. Here your FAQ page will help people who are in a hurry to find your blog trustworthy and helpful.

Convert bigger articles into many smaller ones: This strategy will not only help your readers to find the solutions quicker but also save them from the boredom of reading a lengthy article.

13)  Set up a Facebook Page

With 2.5 billion active members, undoubtedly Facebook is the biggest social media platform of this epoch. Millions of content marketers utilize the popularity of this platform for their benefit. So, if you need instant traffic then start working on your Facebook presence. Here are a few tips to create an appealing Facebook page to attract viewers:

  • Get the help of usually appealing images with highly engaging captions to ensnare your audience right away.
  • Use shorter links to make the caption look more decent.
  • Keep the titles and descriptions short and intriguing.  
  • There is no better way to invoke a response than to ask a question. So, if you can then add a question to your post.
  • Use content from your blog on the Facebook post that can summarize your whole article in a few words.

Once your Facebook page gets enough followers, there would be thousands of visits per week if the content is engaging enough.

14)  Approaching Audience through Webinars

Webinars are a kind of online video session where you contact the participants and have a discussion with them on a certain topic. The very nature of the platform makes it one of the best strategic tools for online marketing.

You can use this platform to hold lively discussions and meetings with other participants and elaborate on them about the offers, products, and services of your company. With this tool, you’d be able to create a whole new source of traffic for your website.

At first, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the Webinar’s presentation. Instead, just take things slowly and get the hang of it first. Once you have acquired its experience, you can explore the true potential of this platform to divert traffic back to your posts.

15)  Conduct Interviews with Reputed Bloggers or Celebrities

This might not be something that everyone can do but it’s worth mentioning.  People are always searching for interviews of influencers so; you would get instant traffic if you play your cards right.

Reputed bloggers will not get ready for the interview right away. You’d have to build a strong relationship with them and prove your worth first. There are many ways in which you can conduct an engaging interview — you can go for the textual format, video interviews, one on one interview and even podcasts.

People take these types of things very seriously. So, make sure that there are no silly questions on your list. The questions should be on an interesting topic followed by a little comedy to keep your audience engaged. The bloggers usually have a huge audience so, after the interview don’t forget to ask them for promotion.

16)  Using Facebook Advertisements

Using Facebook ads, you can target your specific audience who are interested in your content. These ads have helped out hundreds of blogs to restore their lost charm.

Facebook allows you to choose a specific audience as per your content. For instance, if you are content with teenagers then you can manipulate the age parameter of the advertisement to appear in front of the profile of teenagers only.

But before deciding to run these ads, make sure you have the budget to pull this off. Start small at first and gradually increase the investment based on your traffic outcome.  

17)  Optimize Your Blog for SEO

Without the implementation of SEO rules, your blog would not survive for long. It not only ensures its longevity but also attracts a good deal of traffic. Here are a few SEO tips for your blog to make it more noticeable online:

Do your research: No matter how informative your content is if it isn’t providing enough traffic; it’s practically useless. Just by researching high ranking keywords related to your specific topic and adding them in your article, you can revive your online visibility.  Moreover, you should spy on your rivals to find out the highest-ranking keyword which if used correctly in your article can prove helpful in bringing visitors.

Use keywords and sub-keywords in your whole content: After finding out some influencing keywords, start using them in the right places. For instance, keywords would have the best impact if places in the title, introductory paragraph, concluding paragraph, headings, subheadings and meta description. But avoid using too repeated keywords that can be really annoying for the reader. The keywords should have a natural placement.

Optimize images: Never leave the description and file name of your image empty. Fill them with related keywords along with the appealing and easy-to-understand text.

Mention other bloggers in your posts using interlinks: It isn’t called the best SEO practice for nothing. When you give a reference to a foreign website in your post, it raises the chance of getting mentioned in someone else’s blog post. It also increases the page visits per user, the ranking of the keyword and helps google to understand your presence better. Moreover, it also helps the reader to have access to a huge amount of relatable information.

Provide visitors the opportunity to subscribe: By providing easy subscription buttons and reminders, you can compel your readers to follow you back.  Whenever you upload new content, your past visitors will receive instant notification. It will not only help you to bring more traffic to your site but also keep the previous visitors permanent.

18)  Speed Up Your Website

If your website is taking forever to load then it is really harmful to its survival. You can accelerate the loading speed by moving on to a faster hosting service. For instance, WPX hosting is one of the best hosting services out there that provides a faster loading speed with minimum downtime.


Even the most notable bloggers of this age suffered from low traffic issues at first. Getting the desired traffic is not an easy task but it is not impossible either. You can successfully rival the reputed bloggers by simply following the SEO rules, utilizing every advertisement opportunity, and generating high-quality content for your audience.

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