10 Key Factors to Improve YouTube Ranking

Today, YouTube is one of the largest online platforms where business owners may find millions of customers and generate huge traffic to their websites. YouTube is now the 2nd most visited website on the internet and it is the 2nd largest search engine where millions of videos are uploaded every day. To grow any businesses you’ll need the best online marketing strategies, and you can’t ignore using YouTube because of its potential to provide huge traffic for your videos as well as for your website. We are about to share with you the key factors that will help and rank your videos on YouTube.

In this article, you will get familiar with some of the best strategies to improve the ranking of your video content on YouTube. Here are the 10 key factors to consider when trying to achieve top rankings for your videos on YouTube:

  1. Keywords Research:

To grow any YouTube channel, it is very important to use keywords related to your business by doing thorough research on them. If the search engines are able to understand your video content on YouTube, it will help you and/or your company to get a large number of targeted customers. First, you need to find out and understand the type of audiences/customers you want to target, this will not only help you to find the right keywords but also help you to create the right content. One of the best free tools to help you to do keywords research will be Google Ads Keyword Planner.

  1. Video title:

The title of your video works as the first impression for the viewers. Whether it is web users from search engines or audiences directly from YouTube, well-titled videos are 1 of the most important factor to attract them in to watch your video. It will be effective to keep the title short and sweet. You should always keep the title relevant to your video and should use well-researched keywords at the beginning of the title. By inserting your targeted keywords in your video title, this will help your videos to rank accordingly on YouTube.

  1. Video description:

To increase the YouTube ranking, the description of the video will also matter along with the title of the video. YouTube, as well as the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other smaller search engines, will read the text description to know more about the content of your videos. If you are not giving any importance to the description of your videos, it will affect the rankings because the search engines will not be able to understand the video content properly. It will be better to add at least 250-300 words description to the videos with relevant text and keywords. You can also put the external URL of your websites, social media channels or blogs in the description to generate traffic.

  1. Video tags:

Tags are in such a way like short descriptions (usually one or two words) that are very useful to explain the topic and content of your video to YouTube Insights. Video tags are also important elements and you should always focus on it. It will be better to keep the tags relevant to your video topic, industry, brand and channel. You should have information about the requirements and needs of your targeted audience while creating video tags. Therefore, always focus on video tag to make it relevant and well researched because it will affect the ranking and views on the video.

  1. Video quality:

The quality of your video is an extremely important factor that you should always keep in mind. Always try to make high definition videos because it will get better ranking as compared to lower quality videos. YouTube always improves the ranking of high-quality videos so to provide a better experience to their users. It will not only help to improve the ranking but will also improve the experience for your own audiences. No one wants to waste time on a low-quality video with ugly pixelations, at least create a 720p video and if possible go for 4K videos.

  1. User Experience Metrics:

In YouTube, the experience and engagement of the viewers will always matter. YouTube follows various kinds of metrics on the basis of User experience to find out about the quality of your video content. To help your videos to rank high on YT, you need to focus on YouTube likes, comments, and shares. It will help to improve the ranking of your videos very effectively. The more YouTube shares a video has indicates that the users are really enjoying the video so much that they want to share it with their friends. If there are a lot YouTube comments be made, this shows that the video is very engaging to the viewers.

In a similar way, if you are getting subscribers to your YouTube channel from any of your videos, YouTube may take it as you are creating excellent video content which their users will love to watch. Video retention time is also very important for the ranking. For example, if people are viewing a 10 minutes video for only for two to three minutes, it will send signals to YouTube that the video content is not interesting for their viewers. Therefore, always keep User experience metrics in mind to get the better rankings for video content.

  1. Watch Time:

Since 2012, watch time is also used for determining the video quality on YouTube. Watch time can be understood according to the length of viewing sessions of the video. There was a time when YouTube only considered the number of views on the video for the ranking factor. Today, watch time has very important value to improve the rankings of the videos according to the analytics of YouTube. If you want to improve the watch time and viewing session score, you can start by using annotations as well as links of other interesting videos in your video description.

  1. View Count:

With time, YouTube started to focus on the watch time for the ranking of videos. However, views of videos are still one of the most important factors for ranking. The more YouTube views you have for your video, the more it will help to improve the rankings of your YT videos. You should always focus to improve the number of YT views of your videos, some of the ways will be directing traffic from your websites/blogs as well as social media platforms or from forums and any other ways you can think of to boost the number of views of your video thus improving the ranking of the video eventually.

  1. Thumbnails:

To improve the number of views as well as a ranking of YouTube videos, it will be smart to create interesting thumbnails that will attract clicks. If you are not making a customized thumbnail, YouTube will automatically generate it from the video. However, it will be better to put effort on customizing the video thumbnails to attract the maximum number of users for your video content. If you are able to provide something interesting in the thumbnail, it will always engage the YouTube users to click on your video and it will be very effective to increase numbers of YouTube views. However, you should always keep in mind that you should also keep the thumbnail relevant to your video. With a good design of thumbnail, it will be possible to attract the attention of the audience on YouTube.

  1. Closed Captions & Subtitles

In YouTube, you will find options to add the captions for your video content. To improve the ranking of your video, it will be great to use subtitles and captions for your video content. If you use captions in the videos, it will improve users’ experiences. It will also be great to have different subtitle languages for your video. It will be effective as well to boost the ranking of your video on YouTube as bots also read the video captions which in turn helps them to rank your videos accordingly to the content. In YouTube, you will also find options to create automatic captions. However, you may need to make some of the corrections in automatically generated captions for your videos.

These are some of the key factors that you should consider to improve the ranking of your YouTube videos. We wish you good luck and much success with your online endeavors.

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